Garden Terrace

The nature guarded by quarry, this incredible interior garden with capacity for up to 15 people, you can have the event of your dreams, from proposing marriage to the love of your life or consolidating that union, corners full of romance, ideal spaces for romance.

The Roosters

Beautiful room with capacity for up to 60 people, gives the warmth and privacy necessary for a private event.

The Candlesticks

Sober and elegant, with capacity for up to 24 people, designed for those who stay in our hotel, moments of relaxation, rest or business, you can have it in this imposing corner, guarded by a beautiful green wall and the rhythm of the beautiful grand piano.

The Vault

Designed for lunches or dinners, with capacity for up to 40 people, can be used for small events, for those who like the quarry and exquisite details, will be guarded by a beautiful cellar at the bottom of the space.

If you would like more information, please contact us, below we offer you our quote to give you a better follow-up to your event.